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What was she Wearing?

Clickbait title, right? A look into data regarding police interventions in the case of sexual abuse in the city of Buenos Aires. Color scheme courtesy of a peach I was eating. Click on the image below for the full notebook.


Another notebook of visualizations, this one regarding property sales prices over the past years in the various neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. Click the image below to see the notebook (and be patient while the data is processed, it may take several seconds).

Boliches of Buenos Aires

New Year’s resolution is to learn D3.js. This is my first decent effort, creating some visualizations around a dataset regarding nightclubs published by the city government of Buenos Aires. Click the image below to see the full notebook.


Parts of Portugal and Spain. See all the photos here.

The Conversations Series

A new series on where we chat about Salesforce, starting basic and working our way up. Think half-FAQ, half-coffee with a colleague. Recent Conversations: Introduction to ConversationsWhat’s Cloud Computing and SaaS?What’s CRM?Should I...

Sandboxes and Changesets

A very important video about best practices and not making your users’ lives harder than they need to be. Check out the blog post here for more details!