Blue Shift

Instead of all the punditry, please just show me a chart like this.


Generate JSON configuration that feeds a middleware mapping routes to models, controller methods, and validation functions. Something like a proof-of-concept Strapi.


An ultra simple REST API built on Node, Mongoose, and Express.


Redis session store for Salesforce auth information.


Our official quarantine in Argentina began on my birthday. Without many other options to communicate, I've been texting a lot more than usual. Here's what that looks like.

Spaced Repetition Algorithms

A look into some simple functions for use in timing spaced repetition.

Using D3 to Make a Logo

My bot needs a logo.

Miami to Mumbai

In "the lower 48," not all neighborhoods are created equal. A view of how the different barrios of Argentina's capital compare to cities I'm familiar with in the USA and elsewhere in the world.

Give Or Take

Can we visualize protectionism? A few different ways to look at Argentine trade relationships.


There was a social media campaign last year united around the hashtag #amigadatecuenta, wherein the goal was to raise awareness of the problem of microviolence and abuse within relationships.

<def> jam

Generating SVG gradients more easily.

Some Pretty Gauges

A simple, beautiful, highly configurable gauge chart written in d3.js.


Stop telling me my barrio is gentrified. Stop telling me your barrio is gentrifying.