This survey appears to be voluntary. The results (n = 5676) are published here.

There was a social media campaign last year united around the hashtag #amigadatecuenta, wherein the goal was to raise awareness of the problem of microviolence and abuse within relationships.

I took it providing fictional answers to see what the results would be so that I could better understand the survey data. Apparently, my fictional relationship is showing some warning signs.


If you're curious about the content of the survey rather than just the results, navigate to the write-up at the bottom to read the survey questions and how I categorized them.



Non-Binary or Transgender

Frequency Distribution of Total Score

0 would imply "no warning signs at all," and 26 would imply "all the warning signs."

Score Averages by Neighborhood

Percentage difference relative to overall mean score.

Relative Scores by Neighborhood


First, I am by no means a firsthand expert on this subject, luckily.

For the sake of analysis, I'm going to try to "code" these questions into four categories of abuse:

  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Sexual

All questions have a the following possible responses and I'll assign point values:

  • Siempre (Always) => A => 2 points
  • A veces (Sometimes) => B => 1 point
  • Nunca (Never) => C => 0 points

Survey Questions

Cuando no están juntos, ¿tu pareja te controla preguntándote con quién estás, dónde y qué estás haciendo mensajeándote por celular?

When you're not together, does your partner message you to ask who you're with and what you're doing?

Code: Social

¿Revisa los mensajes de tu celular o te pidió la contraseña de tu correo electrónico, Facebook o Instagram como “prueba de confianza”?

Does s/he check your messages or ask for your social media passwords as a "trust test?"

Code: Social

¿Te acusa de haber sido infiel o coquetear con otros/as?

Does s/he accuse you of cheating or flirting with others?

Code: Social

¿Sentís que están permanentemente en tensión y que, hagas lo que hagas, se irrita o te culpabiliza de sus cambios de humor?

Do you feel that there is a permanent tension and that, no matter what you do, s/he will be irritated or blame you for their mood swings?

Code: Emotional

¿Le molesta que hagas actividades de manera independiente, como estudiar, trabajar, visitar amigos/as, ir al gimnasio o elegir quedarte sola/o en tu casa?

Does it bother your partner when you take part in activities independent of them, such as studying, working, visiting friends, going to the gym, or chooseing to stay home alone?

Code: Social

¿Sentís que te alejaste o perdiste contacto con amigos/as o familiares desde que estás en pareja?

Do you feel that you've distanced yourself or lost contact with friends or relatives since your relationship began?

Code: Social

¿Te dice cómo tenés que vestirte o cómo debe ser tu apariencia?

Does your partner tell you how to dress or otherwise how to appear?

Code: Social

¿Menosprecia en público o en privado tus opiniones?

Does your partner put down or undervalue your opinions in public or private?

Code: Emotional

¿Te dice que todo lo que hacés está mal o que no servís para nada?

Does your partner tell you that you do everything wrong or that you are useless?

Code: Emotional

¿Te amenaza con lastimarse/te si no lo/la obedecés o si querés terminar la relación?

Does your partner threaten to hurt you or themself if you do not obey them or if you want to end the relationship?

Code: Physical

Después de un episodio violento, ¿se muestra cariñoso/a o atento/a y promete que nunca más lo hará y todo cambiará?

After a violent episode, does your partner act caringly and attentively and promise that it will never occur again and that everything will change?

Code: Physical

¿Indaga o cuestiona tus noviazgos anteriores?

Does your partner get angry about or questions your previous relationships?

Code: Emotional

¿Te sentís presionada/o a realizar determinadas prácticas sexuales por temor a que te deje?

Do you feel pressured or take part in sexual practices for fear that if you don't, your partner will leave you?

Code: Sexual