One of my many gripes these days is the generally clunky workflow of Salesforce development. I won't opine about the different tools and processes, I'll only say that I personally prefer to build external tooling that can authenticate with Salesforce and manage its data via REST API.

I wanted to boilerplate the authentication piece so that any further development of tools or demos could have a really easy starting point. I've provided three ways, "strategies" to authenticate, of course using username/password, an active session token, or via oauth2.

Once authenticated, your Salesforce authentication information is written to your express-session session which is stored in Redis. You could implement a different store, I know express-session supports many different types.

The repo's readme gives more detail. There's a demo server up that you can make requests against, ie.visiting /api/auth/oauth and authenticating with a Salesforce org, then trying /api/auth/session to see what was stored:

      "label":"Winter '21",
      "name":"Luc Manager",

Notice the bonus where it stores the latest API version and URL for you. ♥️